Fully Restored Antique Model "B" Chambers Range

Why not cook your Holiday meals with a little retro flair this year?
They just don't make them like this anymore.

Model 15-B-4 gas range, white with Silverlite high-back, estimated by serial number to have been manufactured 1944.

This stove is a beautiful and functional piece of porcelain enamel and chrome. Known for years as the Cadillac of cookstoves, the Chambers design and super insulated oven have never been improved upon. The distinctive styling has been featured in many outstanding kitchens, in life and on camera, most notably on Rachael Ray's 30-Minute Meals...when she uses the oven or the broiler, it's a Chambers.

But this is not a mere set piece! Of all the old or new retro-style ranges available, this one was engineered for real cooking for real families with the greatest efficiency. The super insulated oven and proprietary damper design actually allows the user to heat the oven for a short time and then cook for extended periods on retained heat!
Chambers famous slogan was "Cooks with the gas turned off".

This particular stove is a white model B with the Silverlite high back. It has been stripped down to the frame, cleaned and restored, with parts replaced as necessary. It is now in exceptional condition with the addition of a modern oven pilot safety system (a code requirement in most municipalities). The porcelain enameled panels are in very good original condition. All burners work. The cooking top, handles, and housings have all been rechromed and are stunning! The burners, drip rings, and burner grates have been re-enameled and are also gorgeous.
Fully Restored. From this...

...to this.

I searched for months to find one of these stoves in good condition. The deal I finally found wasn't in great shape...but there were four stoves. So I took on the restoration myself. I have now fully restored two of these and have been working on two more.

If you've been thinking about a Viking or a Wolf range, think again. People who really want to cook and who have taken the time to learn about Chambers are trading in those modern stainless steel appliances with computer brains and are finding the joys of the classic Chambers range. You would have to search far and wide to find another Chambers range in this excellent condition for sale at any price. Professional appliance restorations specialists get $5,000 or more for stoves like this...with a months-long waiting list. (The red ones go for $8,000 or more...)
From this...

...to this.

The Chambers range is as great an appliance today as it ever was. They just don't make them like this anymore. Without the electronic whistles and bells, this stove actually allows for more efficient cooking than modern gas stoves.

Stove Features:
  • "Durachrome" Chrome plated cook top with Fold-down top cover
  • Full porcelain enamel finishes in brilliant white
  • All chrome parts newly replated
  • "Silverlite" high back with Chrome spice shelf, and Mechanical "Minute Minder" Timer
  • Heat from Range vented out through the backsplash, enabling it to be set flush to the wall.
  • Child-protective locking thumb-latches on all gas valves, with teardrop design handles
  • Red cloisonne accents on Thermostat and Timer dials
  • Patented "daisy" burners - efficient and uniform heat distribution up to 9,000 BTU
  • All stove top burners, grates, and drip rings newly re-enameled
  • "Thermowell" super insulated chamber (sometimes called soup well) with 9,000 BTU burner
  • Top-mounted "In-a-Top Broiler" and griddle with aluminum broiler tray and enameled drip pan
  • Super insulated oven with latching door - allows "Cooking With the Gas Turned Off" on retained heat
  • Automatic Oven Pilot Safety System - to shut off the oven gas should the pilot light go out.
  • Twin lamps newly rewired
  • Basket-style oven racks.
  • Utility Service Cabinet
  • Multi-fuel design - Currently set up to use LP gas. Easily convertible to natural gas.
  • Overall width 37 5/8", overall height 51", weight approx 450 lbs.
Photo Gallery:

I'll happily answer any questions. There's also a wealth of information on the internet. See Wikipedia, or just Google "chambers range". There is no other antique stove more sought after, and very few in Michigan. This one can be yours! Email chambers@mgbotanicals.com.